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The Jawbone Collective - Writing Workshops

Seasonal Writing Workshops from The Jawbone Collective


The Jawbone Collective is partnering with three poets to deliver writing workshops that provide a safe space to inspire participants to delve into their creativity, gain confidence, and find their own unique voice. 


They will be joined by Harula Ladd for the first workshop on Sunday 21st of May, Estelle Phillips on the 5th of July and Poppy-Jayne Jones on the 21st of October. Harula's book 'Ignite'  was published in 2019 by Lulu and is available from Amazon. Estelle collection 'Motherhoodlum' was published by The Jawbone Collective in 2022 and Poppy's collection 'Between Reeds' was also published by Wessex-Media in 2023 for The Jawbone Collective.


Each workshop will involve a variety of methods and exercises to inspire and motivate. Whilst some may feel comfortable sharing their writing, it is not necessary in order to take part. They offer a fun and supportive creative space in a beautiful environment.

The Guardian Newspaper recently wrote about this venue:

"Othona West Dorset, between Burton Bradstock and Abbotsbury, offers a wealth of courses, community weekends, specialist breaks and family celebrations which are genuinely physically and spiritually nourishing. All are welcomed regardless of religious leanings or lack of them."


Wessex Media... New Publications

New Publications from Wessex Media


Wessex Media are pleased to be the publishing agent for The Jawbone Collective. They have a plan to publish twelve unpublished poets over the next two years. They recently published one Wiltshire and two Devon Poets; Estelle Phillips from Salisbury, Tia Meraki from North Devon and Kate Gold from Dartmoor. Both Devon poets have been headline performers at Taking The Mic at The Exeter Phoenix. Estelle Phillips has been featured on BBC Sounds and BBC Radio a number of times since publication in September. She has also been confirmed as second place winner in The Yeovil Literary Prize for her Novel... Kate Gold was Long-Listed for her poetry also for The Yeovil Literary Prize and Daphne Milne who we are planning to publish this summer  came second in the 'Writing Without Limits' category.


Two other Devon based authors Clare Morris and Poppy-Jayne Jones were published before the 13th of March to coincide with their appearance at the Totnes-X festival. Two more Jawbone poets, Tia Meraki and Kate Gold also joined the two new poets to perform at Poets and Pints hosted by Jackie part of the Totnes-X festival.


Wessex Media have enjoyed working on a collection of Short Fiction and Poetry from the Bridport writers group Storytraders. Released in December 2022, 'A Jurassic Omnibus' offers a literary journey through some of the beautiful locations in West Dorset. It is illustrated throughout with Dorset images from Wessex Media. All profits from this book are going to support 'Harmony' drop in centre in Bridport and to the satellite Chemo-Therapy unit at Bridport Hospital.

Bridport's 'Apothecary' spoken word events

Founded by Ged Duncan, Rob Casey and Tom Rogers, Apothecary has been a great platform for many writers and performers from West Dorset and beyond. We are pleased that Apothecary will continue to provide 'pop-up' literary events in West Dorset. A very succesful "Thirteenth Night" event in January laid the groundwork for other events from this creative group. The first of which was 'Barnes Night' celebrating Dorset's own poets and musicians at The Woodman in Bridport. The nect event is scheduled for The Bard's Birthday on Sunday April the 23rd. Also at the Woodman it is called 'Cry Gawd for Billy, England, and Saint George!'


The Jawbone Collective will continue to run Zoom Apothecary as Jawbone Online and will also launch a new event called Jawbone in Lyme Regis at The Galley Cafe, date TBC.

Published in 2023
by Wessex Media

A Jurassic Omnibus - Story Traders


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