Jawbone at The Plymouth Poetry Festival

Story by Peter Roe: Managing Editor.

Oh My Gosh! What a perfectly lovely conflagration of flaming good poets at The  Plymouth Poetry Festival at Cafe Momus. I can't emphasise enough how I feel about the marvellous performances from Jawbone Poets Tia Meraki (Home In Our Own Skins), Clare Morris (Devon Maid Walking), Caroline Burrows (Verse Cycles),  Kate Gold (Eight Buzzards Rising),  Poppy-Jayne Jones (Between Reeds), and Laurie Page (The Colour of Thunder).


Firstly if you have never read a Jawbone book or seen these poets perform then you are missing out... We have books for sale in our online store and every single sale goes toward funding new Wessex poets.


I am personally so proud of you all... any rumours of outbreaks of emotion by this poet are wildly over exaggerated and any deep fake videos will be vehemently denied!


Thank you to  Mimi Jones, Jonah Coren and  Poppy-Jayne Jones for organising such a delightful festival. Please do everything you can to support these young creatives and help secure the future of the fantastic  Plymouth Poetry Festival.


Thank you to  Izzy Robertson and  Megan Simson who have helped me drive the development of The  Jawbone Collective. Thank You to Harula Ladd for the photo, for being a wonderful human being and being the first person to buy all of our published Jawbone books. Big Poetry Love to everyone who came along, bought books, clapped and cheered, you were brilliant. Thank you for supporting Authentic Voice!

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Poetry/ Writing Workshops with The Jawbone Collective
Four Workshops at West Dorset Locations
Our four workshops last year proved very popular and we were pleased to be able to offer our first workshop of 2024 with Caroline Burrows at The Salt House, West Bay. It was attended by ten people and poetry was made!


Our next workshop will be facillitated by Peter Roe and Ceri Baker, the current Bard of Exeter... It will take place at The Four Seasons Studio at Othona on Saturday 25th of May 2024  <<MORE>>

Jawbone @ The Poet Laureate
Open Mic - Dorchester

Jawbone on Zoom
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New Writers in March from The Jawbone Collective

We are thrilled to have published two new collections for The Jawbone Collective. 'The Colour of Thunder' from Laurie Page and 'Verse Cycles' from Caroline Burrows 'The Bristol Bike Bard' were published on the 18th March 2024

Release Date - 18th March 2024
Order your copy here
Reviews and Author Information
Verse Cycles -
Caroline Burrows

Release Date - 18th March 2024
Order your copy here
Reviews and Author Information
The Colour of Thunder -
Laurie Page

Wessex Media was established in 2017 as a not for profit social enterprise. We have been publishing collections for The Jawbone Collective since summer 2019. Between September 2017 and April 2024 we have published 16 collections of poetry and fiction. In 2024/25 we anticipate this number to grow by 12 to 16 new publications, with similar numbers in the following three years. Everything we do is about promoting authentic voice through 'Building Networks and Building Confidence'.

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