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Jawbone was originally the creative idea of three writers from the South West of England. Peter Roe, Tom Rogers and Tee Francis of West Dorset. All three are experienced writers with experience of managing live spoken word events and workshops.


Jawbone love to celebrate the writing and creative talent that exists in individuals in the Southwest. As organisers and participants at literary events  we have seen an incredible diversity of talent. We have been astounded at some of the brilliant gems that we have been able to hear and share over the years.


We know that getting published is one of the hardest things for writers to be able to do and to this end we want to provide a platform that nurtures new and emerging writers to engage with a wider audience. Our own personal experiences with acceptance into publications or competitions provided us with an impetus to move our craft forward and helped us gain the confidence to share with a wider public.


We will provide an opportunity for writers to get published and share their success on our print and digital platform. What we will always promise, in our Competitions and on our literary platform is that we will avoid elitism and prejudice. All applications will be considered solely on literary merit. Irrespective of gender denominations, race, colour, disability or social background.


The Jawbone Journal will be published three times each year in April, August and November commencing in  April 2024. For our first issue, all submissions for publication will be free during our submission window. 


Jawbone Online is the online performance platform for The Jawbone Collective and The Jawbone Journal distributed by Wessex Media. It is anticipated the first print publication will be the April 2024. The managing editor is Peter Roe, assisted by Izzy Robertson and other guest editors.


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