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Promoting the Literary Arts in Wessex

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Three New Poets...

From January 2021

We have been talking to three unpublished SouthWest poets and are planning to bring their first collections to Jawbone in the first quarter of 2021. We will be making an annoucement of their names and the publishing schedule in the next few weeks. Plus we will have exciting news about how you can submit to become a new Jawbone poet.

Love Your Barista!

- lactose free edition -

ISBN: 9-781916-427822


Prize Winning poet Peter Roe presents his first collection of Performance Poetry. A funny, life affirming, heart warming, collection that covers Coffee, Vegetable Boxes, and Revolution as he takes us on a whistlestop tour of Middle England.


Peter has been The Deputy Bard of Caer Dur (Dorchester) and has been actively ‘slamming’ on the South-West poetry circuit. He was a finalist in the Apples and Snakes South-West Slam in 2018, Long listed in the 'Writing Without Limits' category for The Yeovil Literary Prize 2017 and winner of The Western Gazette Best Local Writer 2017 for his poem War of The Words.

Published: 1st July 2019. Now Available. Second Printing
Price UK £6.00 post free to UK addresses.


Copies available
Books Beyond Words, Dorchester,
The HIgh Peak Bookstore, Briarlow Bar, Buxton,

This title was so popular it sold out in less than twelve months. We have started to use a new printer. It gave us the opportunity to tweak some design elements to our satisfaction and the new print is a high quality with a laminated cover.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered copy all deliveries were seny the last week of Sept 2020.

Jawbone News

I'm in Love with my Barista

Peter Roe presents his first collection of Performance Poetry. A funny life affirming, heart warming collection. He tackles coffee, vegetable boxesand revolution as he takes us on a whistlestop tour through middle England.

Sniffing Baby Jesus

Join Tom Rogers for his first collection of Performance Poetry. Step into the surreal, humorous and thought provoking as he flushes Granny down the loo, consults the Koala Qabalah, sniffs Baby Jesus and unveils the Superfly.

Peter Roe

Prize winning poet and writer Peter Roe is one of the co-hosts and comperes of the Bridport spoken word event Apothecary. He is a regular guest at events across the South-West and a former Deputy Bard of Caer Dur.

Tom Rogers

Slam Winning poet and writer Tom Rogers is one of the founder members and hosts of the Dorset Spoken Word event Apothecary. He is a regular performer at spoken word events and former columnist for the Nottingham journal Living Poets.


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