The Jawbone Collective was founded on the idea of building confidence in creatives to help enable them celebrate and share their work with a wider audience through publication and performance. Our community organisation promotes creativity in the Southwest of England.


To date we have published collections for ten authors, run a series of development workshops for The Jawbone Collective, Schools, Museums and other Arts Organisations. We run ongoing, regular spoken word events both in person and online. The continuance of this project is dependent on the support of Creative Members and volunteers by donations of Time, Soft Skills and Talents. Book Sales, Donations, Sponsorship, Grants and Bursaries from Businesses, and Arts Organisations. We believe that poets can ‘emerge’ at any age and believe the quality of our Author’s work speaks for itself. Each poet we have published has gained confidence and used their books to finance and promote their craft.

We select new authors by 'scouting' spoken word events, referrals or recommendations, manuscript submissions or competition. Our ‘Creative Members’ - poets we have published - Are spread throughout the Southwest or Wessex Region. Currently Salisbury, Plymouth, Totnes, Dartmoor, Bristol, Barnstaple, Dorchester, Bridport and Broadwindsor.

Jawbone at The Plymouth Poetry Festival

Story by Peter Roe: Managing Editor.

Oh My Gosh! What a perfectly lovely conflagration of flaming good poets at The  Plymouth Poetry Festival at Cafe Momus. I can't emphasise enough how I feel about the marvellous performances from Jawbone Poets Tia Meraki (Home In Our Own Skins), Clare Morris (Devon Maid Walking), Caroline Burrows (Verse Cycles),  Kate Gold (Eight Buzzards Rising),  Poppy-Jayne Jones (Between Reeds), and Laurie Page (The Colour of Thunder).


Firstly if you have never read a Jawbone book or seen these poets perform then you are missing out... We have books for sale in our online store and every single sale goes toward funding new Wessex poets.


I am personally so proud of you all... any rumours of outbreaks of emotion by this poet are wildly over exaggerated and any deep fake videos will be vehemently denied!


Thank you to  Mimi Jones, Jonah Coren and  Poppy-Jayne Jones for organising such a delightful festival. Please do everything you can to support these young creatives and help secure the future of the fantastic  Plymouth Poetry Festival.


Thank you to  Izzy Robertson and  Megan Simson who have helped me drive the development of The  Jawbone Collective. Thank You to Harula Ladd for the photo, for being a wonderful human being and being the first person to buy all of our published Jawbone books. Big Poetry Love to everyone who came along, bought books, clapped and cheered, you were brilliant. Thank you for supporting Authentic Voice!

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These writing workshops provide a safe space to inspire participants to delve into their creativity, gain confidence, and find their own unique voice. Each workshop will involve a variety of methods and exercises to inspire and motivate. Whilst some may feel comfortable sharing their writing, it is not necessary in order to take part. We offer a fun and supportive creative space in a beautiful environment. By partnering with published South-West writers we are able to give you different perspectives on the world and enhance your workshop and learning experience. <<MORE>>

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