Jawbone Radio

We have been in discussions for some time about bringing a spoken word radio station to the Southwest. We are thrilled to say that our first show is now finished and is available initially as an upload to Mixcloud. Future episodes will be scheduled for streaming from this page.

Jawbone radio is not just about The Collective… through the generous support and sponsorship of the YDN network we will be interviewing and showcasing writers,  poets and singer/songwriters from across the SouthWest.


We have lots of plans to bring you words from across the region. We will be meeting hosts of spoken word events, movers and shakers in the arts scene, booksellers and hospitality- people who support the spoken word scene, but most importantly wordsmiths who practice their craft in the Southwest. At some stage we may also bring you live events from Spoken Word events and Festivals but for now we are happy to share your words on our program. We are always happy to consider new features for our shows you can email us at jawbone online at gmail dot com.


In this episode we will be interviewing Clare Morris and Poppy-Jayne Jones who are appearing at Poets and Pints as part of Totnes-X in support of headliner Julie Mullen… a fantastically off the wall creative genius who may appear as a cat, a baby, an old woman or just herself! Julie has already said ‘Yes’ to Jawbone Radio and will feature in a future episode.

Episode One - Jawbone Radio

Featuring - Clare Morris and Poppy-Jayne Jones. 
Interviewer - Megan Simson
Producer and Editor - Peter Roe

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